A picture of Jonathan Tharp being creative

Hello! My name is Jonathan Tharp.

I am a brand strategist with a passion to combine marketing, design, and technology in order to create awesome brands with a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) in the marketplace.

My background includes the “full range of marketing concerns”—from hands-on design and production work (AAS, Visual Communications) to core marketing principles (BBA, Marketing), to the strategic integration of marketing in a cross-functional environment (MBA, Marketing and CIS). My skills and knowledge can help your organization increase profitability and nurture brand loyalty.

The purpose of this website is to promote my abilities to potential employers, clients, and colleagues. On the ‘Portfolio’ page, you can click through the carousel of logos to view a brief summary of each branding project that includes thumbnails to an image gallery.

If you would like to get in touch with me, then feel free to e-mail me at jtharpdesign@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

On a fun note, I'm also an avid cyclist, so I'm totally down for having a meeting while riding bikes :-)